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Spray Foam Insulation in North Vancouver & Burnaby

At Northwest Sprayfoam Ltd, we're proud to offer services for insulation and fire protection to our customers throughout lower British Columbia, including Whistler, Hope and Ladner. We offer free quotes on all of our work, and our technicians work tirelessly to make sure the job is done on time. Learn more about our services below, or contact us today to get started.

Spray Foam

With Northwest Sprayfoam Ltd, you will save money by cutting down heating and cooling costs with spray foam insulation in Vancouver. Northwest Sprayfoam Ltd uses the best equipment available, and the applicators have the highest training available and are proudly certified by CUFCA. We are also LEED certified and GREENGUARD certified.

Spray foam insulation in Burnaby is an excellent way to ensure your building maintains the proper temperature. It is an easily applied insulator that offers one of the highest R-values per inch of any insulating material available, and it can be applied to commercial, industrial or residential projects. It is especially effective at penetrating and filling gaps, nooks and crannies, ensuring that every inch is insulated properly.

Spray Fireproofing

If you're looking to protect your home, business or industrial site, spray fireproofing in Vancouver will help protect against fire damage, and also delay the spread of heat and flame. Spray fireproofing is also an excellent solution for protecting exposed structural steel.

Northwest Sprayfoam Ltd has a very experienced fireproofing team. We use the A/D Fire Protection Systems' products listed below:

  • Fireproofing intumescent paint
  • A/D Firefilm® III
  • Thermo-Sorb
  • A/D Cementitious Fireproofing
    • A/D Type 7HD™
    • A/D Type 5GP™
    • A/D Type 7GP™
    • A/D Type TC-55™ sealer
    • A/D Type HC™ (hard clad)
    • A/D Type DK™ (cementitious additive)
  • A/D Sprayed Fibre Fireproofing
    • A/D Type FP™
    • A/D Type TC-55™ sealer
  • Thermal Acoustic Insulation
    • A/D Type I
  • Thermal Barrier for Foamed Plastics
    • A/D Thermal Barrier
    • A/D Cementitious Thermal Barrier

Monoglass® in Vancouver

For more than 30 years, Monoglass® has been a trusted brand for spray-on insulation. This is a versatile and effective option, used for thermal insulation, acoustic control and condensation control, and is a non-toxic product safe for use in the home. It also has commercial and industrial applications, making it a popular option with a wide range of customers. Monoglass® and Sonoglass™ are materials of choice. These products are certified and well recognized in the industry.

Thermal Insulation

Keep your temperature regulated with thermal insulation. Thermal insulation can help your building or home improve its energy efficiency, which in turn can help you save both energy and money. The spray foam options we offer can help meet your needs, and won't require a lot of expensive maintenance.

Intumescent Paint in Vancouver

Intumescent paint is a kind of paint that is especially useful as a type of passive fire protection. This paint is a bad conductor of heat, and can help slow down heat transfer and the spread of fire. This is a great option for any building, whether commercial, residential or industrial.

Polar Foam

AD Fire Protection Systems


Incentive Programs

Looking for more reasons to put spray foam in your home? How about the available incentive programs that help you save more money while you save energy? Learn more about some of these programs below, and be sure to ask Brad about how to qualify!

LiveSmart BC

LiveSmart BC

This program is designed to help people in British Columbia to make green choices that will also save them money at home.



With nearly $5 billion invested in ecoENERGY initiatives by the Government of Canada, you're sure to find ways to save money while improving the energy efficiency of your home.


City Green

If you're looking for energy efficiency specialists, City Green can help you to create a home that saves you both money and energy.

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